Thursday, December 3, 2009

Service Learning - Long Term Goals

The service-learning experience connects to my long term career goals in many ways. The most important connection is working with others. As a Financial Analyst, you must be able to understand what the goal and needs are to be able to provide clients with the right information. Working well with others enables you to efficiently complete tasks and keep the project moving in the right direction. The ability to produce professional documents enhances the credibility of the information being presented.

Service Learning - Lessons Learned

Saginaw has taken a bad rap over the past decade with the increase in crime and lack of opportunity for residents. I feel this community still has a lot to offer. The Saginaw Art Museum is a fine example. When I met with Kara and Ryan, I picked up a Fall Calendar of Events for the Saginaw Valley. I was pleased to see all the events listed. Working on this project has inspired me to explore more of what my community has to offer.

Service Learning - A Learning Experience

I have completed the brochure and am waiting for feedback. The process went well overall. Creating this document gave me a chance to collaborate with two of the curators from the museum. Working on this brochure gave me an opportunity to enhance my ability to share ideas and glean enough information to produce a document that will fit the clients needs. The oportunity to work on something creative and enhance my editing skills was a welcome change to my "day job". This project gave me the chance to use many of the skills I have acquired in this class and some of the skills I use in my current job.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Our group seemed to function well together. There was some reluctance to volunteer to be leader. However, many people are reluctant to lead when the objective and expectations are a little unclear. Once we picked a topic, everyone seemed to really dig in and get the tasks accomplished. One weakness from my prospective was individuals not wanting to weigh in on a direction to take. Keeping the group focused and on task can make or break collaborative efforts.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Technical Definition Assignment

My group consisted of Shannon, Tracy, and Ashley. The term we chose was hostile environment. I feel we functioned well together as a group. We were able to pick a term and assign a method for each member to write about. One area we took a little time to come to a consensus about was the format for the Wetpaint site.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Service Learning Project

I chose the Saginaw Art Museum for my service learning project. The museum is located on Michigan Avenue in a historic home. This home belonged to the Ring family. They were a well to do lumber era family. I have a meeting with Kara Friday November 6 to discuss possible projects. She was excited about this project. I'll add to this post as soon as I know more. I met with Kara and Ryan today to discuss in more detail their document needs. They are interested in creating a brochure to market the rental of museum space for events. We discussed some ideas for the brochure and also toured the museum rental areas.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Service Learning

The following quote from is an excellent summary of service learning. "Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities." When we were first assigned this task, my impression was that this was a way to use our writing skills in the "real world". Upon researching service learning, I have come to the realization that service learning is so much more. Yes, you will get a chance to interact and use your new skill set. However, this project really gets you thinking about the community and organizations that support the very place that we live. It is easy to take from others and the community without thinking about giving back. It is also easy to dismiss those who have given so much to improve and shape our town. Without these individuals, we would not have many of the places and services we all take for granite. Think about that park you like to take walks in, then take a minute to be grateful to the person who gave the property to the town so all could enjoy the land. I hope to find a partner that supports culture or the arts. I know there are organizations that serve basic needs to the people. The arts and culture are often overlooked. These organizations play a large role in the developement of people as well. I hope that I can find a need to service for one of these groups.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Social Networking

Social networking via the Internet has become all the rage. People post everything and anything. Some of the well-known sites are Facebook, Myspace, twitter, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. The others are mostly social. These sites are an excellent means of keeping in touch with and meeting others. There are also some points to be considered before you go post crazy! Keep in mind that many potential employers check out applicants on the web. Employers have not selected individuals for positions based on Internet postings. Posting those wild party pictures may cost you a job opportunity in the future. Do not post anything that you would not be comfortable showing your family or the press for that matter. Professional sites offer an excellent forum for job hunting and connecting with other professionals in your field.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Managing Your Online Idenity

This section regarding online identity caused me to rethink my opinion on social networking via the Internet. Before this class, I really did not see a benefit in social networking for me. After reading the articles posted in Diigo, I have a new found interest in social networking on the Internet. I can see the benefit of this new technology. This has also been a wake up call to me not to be so quick to dismiss new technology and how it can work for me. Along with the positives, come some beware of items. Keeping a professional well crafted image on both personal and professional networks is key. Remembering that information can be viewed by anyone is also important to keep in mind when blogging and posting pictures. Making sure security settings are set properly will also protect your information. Do not rely too much on security settings. Strive to maintain a professional image. When I Googled my name, thankfully, nothing questionable came up. I did not realize that others with the name of Sally Pryor existed - imagine that! Having others with the same name means I will have to work hard at branding myself. I need to craft an image so prospective employers will know which one is me. I have joined LinkedIn. I am looking forward to polishing my image on that site. LinkedIn opens a new venue for professional contacts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever-Changing Workplace

When I first started to think about this assignment, I didn't realize that the workplace had changed as much as it has. Once I started researching this subject and thinking about my own experiences, it occurred to me how much the workplace has evolved. The obvious change is technology. We see it everywhere. People have the ability to work from any location that offers Internet or has cell coverage. Working nine to five is no longer the norm. Technology can also be credited with the increased the global economy. The feasibility of moving operations across borders and oceans has become more attractive, easier and provides potentially large savings to businesses. Labor unions that once held powerful roles in business have seen their membership and power decline. Along with all this change, another industry has arisen. Workplace consultants offer many services designed to make your business and employees more efficient. Experts have categorized workers by generation. There are the Traditionalists, Babyboomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers. The most recent change is the economic meltdown. We have gone from prosperity to the highest unemployment rate in years. This past year we have witnessed bailouts, nauseating bonuses and history making fraud.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Career Assessments

Taking the time to explore a career or work field of interest is an excellent way to begin. A little extra work now will save time, money and aggravation in the future. Many people have started out in entry-level jobs in their chosen field of interest. Gaining experience from the bottom up is still a valuable asset in today's work place.

Personal/Professional Mission Statement

My goal is to conduct myself with integrity and maturity. I will strive for expertise both in my career and personal life. To achieve this, I will maintain a healthy balance physically, emotionally/socially, mentally and spiritually.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introducing Sally Pryor

Sally is employed full time as a Financial Analyst at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw, Michigan. She has been employed by Covenant (and the former St. Lukes Hospital) since 1987. Sally holds an Associates degree in Accounting from Delta College. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Accounting from Davenport University - Saginaw campus. Sally is looking forward to completing the five remaining classes towards her degree. Completing her degree along with her many years of experience in healthcare finance, will provide Sally with more opportunities to use her many talents.