Thursday, December 3, 2009

Service Learning - Long Term Goals

The service-learning experience connects to my long term career goals in many ways. The most important connection is working with others. As a Financial Analyst, you must be able to understand what the goal and needs are to be able to provide clients with the right information. Working well with others enables you to efficiently complete tasks and keep the project moving in the right direction. The ability to produce professional documents enhances the credibility of the information being presented.

Service Learning - Lessons Learned

Saginaw has taken a bad rap over the past decade with the increase in crime and lack of opportunity for residents. I feel this community still has a lot to offer. The Saginaw Art Museum is a fine example. When I met with Kara and Ryan, I picked up a Fall Calendar of Events for the Saginaw Valley. I was pleased to see all the events listed. Working on this project has inspired me to explore more of what my community has to offer.

Service Learning - A Learning Experience

I have completed the brochure and am waiting for feedback. The process went well overall. Creating this document gave me a chance to collaborate with two of the curators from the museum. Working on this brochure gave me an opportunity to enhance my ability to share ideas and glean enough information to produce a document that will fit the clients needs. The oportunity to work on something creative and enhance my editing skills was a welcome change to my "day job". This project gave me the chance to use many of the skills I have acquired in this class and some of the skills I use in my current job.