Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever-Changing Workplace

When I first started to think about this assignment, I didn't realize that the workplace had changed as much as it has. Once I started researching this subject and thinking about my own experiences, it occurred to me how much the workplace has evolved. The obvious change is technology. We see it everywhere. People have the ability to work from any location that offers Internet or has cell coverage. Working nine to five is no longer the norm. Technology can also be credited with the increased the global economy. The feasibility of moving operations across borders and oceans has become more attractive, easier and provides potentially large savings to businesses. Labor unions that once held powerful roles in business have seen their membership and power decline. Along with all this change, another industry has arisen. Workplace consultants offer many services designed to make your business and employees more efficient. Experts have categorized workers by generation. There are the Traditionalists, Babyboomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers. The most recent change is the economic meltdown. We have gone from prosperity to the highest unemployment rate in years. This past year we have witnessed bailouts, nauseating bonuses and history making fraud.

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