Thursday, October 1, 2009

Managing Your Online Idenity

This section regarding online identity caused me to rethink my opinion on social networking via the Internet. Before this class, I really did not see a benefit in social networking for me. After reading the articles posted in Diigo, I have a new found interest in social networking on the Internet. I can see the benefit of this new technology. This has also been a wake up call to me not to be so quick to dismiss new technology and how it can work for me. Along with the positives, come some beware of items. Keeping a professional well crafted image on both personal and professional networks is key. Remembering that information can be viewed by anyone is also important to keep in mind when blogging and posting pictures. Making sure security settings are set properly will also protect your information. Do not rely too much on security settings. Strive to maintain a professional image. When I Googled my name, thankfully, nothing questionable came up. I did not realize that others with the name of Sally Pryor existed - imagine that! Having others with the same name means I will have to work hard at branding myself. I need to craft an image so prospective employers will know which one is me. I have joined LinkedIn. I am looking forward to polishing my image on that site. LinkedIn opens a new venue for professional contacts.

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